What is Oxidized Cholesterol?

Is Cholesterol good for you? Is it bad for you? It all becomes rather confusing? Cholesterol in and of itself is not bad for you. The body produces it for a reason. The problem occurs when cholesterol found in arterial plaque starts blocking the arteries. This is not just any cholesterol, but oxidized or damaged cholesterol. Research on animals fed plenty of cholesterol in their diet did just fine, until they were fed small amounts of oxidized (tainted) cholesterol. Within weeks it showed up in fatty streaks in their arteries. The same can be said for human beings.

So why is this so bad? "The problem is that oxidized cholesterol does not look native to your macrophages, your immune system. It actually looks like bacteria. The macrophages move in to try and clean up what it thinks is bacteria, which is nothing more than oxidized cholesterol, and it creates a whole bunch of inflammation inside your arterial wall. The real culprit is oxidized cholesterol.” Dr. Robert Rowen.